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Lena & the Dragon

A Book on Childhood Trauma & Recovery 

Lena lives a happy life until one day a terrible thing happens. The next morning, Lena wakes up to find a dragon asleep on her chest-- a dragon no one else can see.


Everywhere she goes the dragon follows, wreaking havoc and getting Lena into trouble. The more Lena tries to ignore the terrible thing and the dragon, the more he grows. Will Lena get the courage to speak up about the terrible thing and learn to tame her dragon?

Lena & the Dragon tackles childhood trauma in a way that children will find relatable and adults can use as a stepping stone to deeper conversation. With evidence based approaches for managing anxiety and trauma triggers, Lena & the Dragon can also be utilized in a therapeutic setting. Most of all, Lena shows us all that we all can be resilient in the face of terrible things.

Available February 28, 2023 

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